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May 2008:

ANTM fight practice!

photo: the CW

alterations: labs.wanokoto.jp/olds (via lifehacker)

Whitney Thompson (front) takes a picture of Paulina Porizkova while the rest of the final four in Cycle 10 hide out.  In bushes.

Photo: the CW’s imeem

Alterations same as last photo.

Yeah, that’s what we all thought when Whitney won, Fatima.

photo: Screencap, this youtube video


This was a shot i took for a recap of Giada’s Italian Holiday for my old, embarssingly-titled blog Giadaday.  Of course the person in this picture is Giada De Laurentiis.

July 2008:

Demelza Reveley, your hated, “controversial” Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 4 winner

Photo taken from All AusNTM (via Fox 8 [the name of the Foxtel channel in Australia and no relation to any American Fox 8 stations]).

Dominique Reighard, spiritual daughter of Lisa Garza and contestant from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10. Photo from All ANTM


Katawhatevers, from topmodel (LiveJournal)


Don Draper, from AMC’s Mad Men site.


Celebrating Utterween and Modelville, a labs.wanokoto.jp/olds converted photo of Lauren Utter from her pre-show interview for Cycle 10.

November 2008:America's Next Top Model

Roxy Rubble, possible niece of Dr. Evil (along with her hippie friend) views sharks with frickin’ lasers in LA.  Original photo source from the CW (yanked from honestlyantm).  Additional photos from Google.

March 2009:


Roxy does Animal House. Photo: The CW/Pottle Productions

April 2009:


Some girl named Lauren frankly discusses her knowledge of Roman military history.

May 2009:

allison does the...something.

Creepy-chan dances in Rosa Cha.

August 2009:

vlcsnap-291266Ashley Brown

September 2008:

annoying female

exactly what it says on the tin

Superman photo from here

Tyrese Jenkins photo from phoenixothon @ capoholic

December 2009:

Some guy that wears a scarf on TV and drinks illegally salutes you all.  I know, I need to stop watching this, but I can’t.  It’s a hot fashion trainwreck.


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