Posted by: heart nibbler | January 13, 2010

Chuck Bass Still Has A Focus

So I noticed my good friends Chuck and Blair are still Getting Crap Past the Radar.  The following is the Thai massage sequence from “Rufus Getting Married.” Of course, there’s the first problem of this episode, the following quote:

Blair: What is this? It’s wonderful!
Chuck: Buntautuk. I learned it from a master in Chiang Mai.

(Buntautuk, for reference, so you know Chuck is doing it wrong.  Also, Chiang Mai.)

Unless it was around that time Chuck got stoned on opium and his uncle Jack had to save him, I have no clue when his character found the time to go to Thailand by himself to learn massage.

And now, the getting crap past the radar part.  The gifs speak for themselves.

Anal sex Doggy style: you’re doing it wrong.  Not that Blair minds.

Not like Chuck isn’t bored with Blair, but, you know, they still love each other because she helped him realize he had feelings and stuff.

Eh, I’ll just take Ed Westwick and his girlfriend french kissing again.



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