Posted by: heart nibbler | May 28, 2009

Did Sophie say something shocking? The cliffhanger

I’ll start with “I was really hoping to have a Britain’s Next Top Model recap Saturday.”  I would continue with “This year has been a hard year for me.  I’ve lost both my father and grandfather in the same year.  After managing to crank out the first two Cycle 12 recaps after my father’s death, I have to delay my latest BNTM recap until Wednesday because I have to attend my grandfather’s funeral on Saturday.” However, there is no trace of the latest episode of BNTM to be found on the internets, so what’s the use of using my grandfather’s funeral as an excuse?  So I’ll just say “Until I can find the latest episode of BNTM without resorting to making fun of BNTM’s MySpace blogs*, my latest recap of BNTM will be delayed because I don’t live in Britain.”  Ugh, it makes me regret not recapping AustNTM this cycle since I’m sure more people would revolt if AustNTM was not on the Internet as opposed to BNTM.  I mean this photo?

italian vogue

Especially after being told the photo was supposed to look like something out of Italian Vogue? No one cast member realized this was a trap?  Fucking amazing.

Another not so important announcement after the jump.

In happier news, I’m going to be drawing pictures for Drawing Day 2009 on my Flickr and later my DeviantArt.  I even came up with a theme.

If you aren’t aware, this poster is a parody of a poster from Deadliest Warrior,* a show where two groups of (for lack of actual appropriate words) warriors (i.e. Apache vs. gladiator, pirate vs. (French medieval) knight, IRA vs. Taliban—not kidding about the last one) are pitted together in a “fight club” somewhere in LA and the winner is determined by an Alienware computer.  I love this show although I cringe at its historical inaccuracies (i.e. the gladiator in “Apache vs. Gladiator” seems to be a combination of two types of Roman gladiators, not one particular gladiator type; I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that not all real-life pirates from the 1700s were great swordsmen).  For Drawing Day I’ll be drawing Top Model contestants (and maybe staff) from past and present American, Australian and British seasons.  Here’s the lineup if Fiercest Model actually was a television series:

  • Jordan Loukas vs. London Levi
  • Analeigh Tipton vs. Allison Harvard
  • Samantha Potter vs. Sophie Sumner
  • Toccara Jones vs. Whitney Thompson
  • Robin Manning vs. Jade Cole
  • Eboni Stocks vs. Lauren Utter
  • Twiggy vs. Paulina Portizkova
  • James St. James vs. Benny Ninja

I aim to do at least the first three matchups, and if I have time to do more that day I will do more.  And since I have sworn off most American reality shows this summer with the exception of Shear Genius (if it comes back), She’s Got the Look and HGTV Design Star and I need some ideas for dumbass posts while I look for a paying job, I might make the matchups I complete into posts a la Food Network Humor. (If you like the Food Network you’ll love this blog.  It is the funniest blog about the Food Network in a long time and it doesn’t kiss ass like some other Food Network blogs…the ass-kissers know who they are.)


**beware the evil of Autoplay



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