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ANTM Cycle 12, Episode 6: The Non-Video Based Recap

Fo (and only Fo, never House Mother) would like to invite you into the official hearts for dinner pictorial recap for Cycle 6.  This will replace the largely video-based recap posted a while back (which will be edited to remove links to full episodes, but not shorter video segments embedded in the post).  Spoilers inside if you haven’t seen past Episode 6.  Oh, and Fo hates the fact I called her a faux queen already.

When the quotes you pull about your fight (imagine it underscored to Kelis’ “Fuck Them Bitches” and it gets marginally better) are better than the fight itself…

you may want to reconsider banning smoking and reducing alcohol consumption in your reality show.

Before you send me hate mail (which, due to Tahlia’s popularity, I doubt I’ll receive few, if any) I believe Tahlia speaks in monotone (or near monotone).  I rarely hear any emotional variation in her voice.  That is why she was kicked off after Commercial Fail Week Brought to You by CoverGirl.

This Beth person is only notable for being Howard Stern’s wife and appearing on the House Mother Show, despite what Wikipedia says.


Tahlia, The Rock Dwayne Johnson is not with the WWFE any more.  Either pick up your John Cena hand or go home.

The faux queen teach was last week!

Since I’m such a sadist, here’s House Mother’s, um, Be a House Mother Cardboard Challenge the way it should’ve been presented.  (Note: Not all shots of the contestants in the cardboard cutouts are posted.)

Also note Tahlia is still doing her Dwayne Johnson impersonation.

And speaking of Tahlia, there’s something about these stills that amuse me.  I made them into a large .gif.

I also have an uncensored version here.

Meanwhile on Make Me a Supermodel the models are concerned about eating right so Cory Bautista doesn’t scold them for not meeting the right measurements.  Also, have you seen the promo for the Ciara episode?

Thanks to this promo half the viewing populace has written off my girl London-after said that she was proud of her curves in her CW intro video (and elsewhere).

Thank you, House Mother.  You’ve booked London to be in your House Mother show special, “Weight Gain 4000.” I hope you’re happy.


See also:


Hey, remember those color bands?  Marriage is love, furries are love, bad anime shows are love, stuff like that?  Here’s one for this whole cycle!

Self-explanatory.  Feel free to share.

“It’s time for your segment.”

“No, it’s time for your segment.”

Ugh, I’ll do it for you two.

this post is dedicated to Sandra because she brought the lulz this season IMO

and the photos come from here once again


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