Posted by: heart nibbler | April 9, 2009

ANTM Cycle 12 Episode 8: Cycle 12 Rewind (No, Really)

Since the recap was literally the first seven episodes retold with alternate footage (as usual), I decided this time to pick some pictures and dissect them Vice style.

Oh, and since I made this in advance, I have to slide this image in somewhere, and it may as well be here.


I mean, the people in Bryant Park can’t be all ice skating, can they?  There are people walking around, using their laptop computers, going to ‘wichcraft…No?  Okay, they’re all ice skating, House Mother.


I’m amazed the producers didn’t yank Allison’s sketchbook the way they did Heather’s Nintendo DS.  And not because House Mother wanted that mixed media drawing (you know she wanted it).


I really wish this show considers moving to Bravo for good and showing girl-ass (let alone covered, then blurred girl-ass) regularly like Make Me a Supermodel shows (not covered, not blurred) man-ass.

Here’s this episode’s Take London.

This is in reference to a cry-off between Celia, Allison, Kortnie and her.

Please accept this YouTube video of London getting a tattoo in lieu of moar unintentionally crazy footage of London for this episode.  If a girl yelling “HOLY FREAKIN’ COW” and “JESUS” repeatedly makes you feel like you’re actually in Jesus Camp, please accept these Take London bonus cartoons (from this video, and there will be more cartoons from this soon)

and imagine how this season could’ve been.

No wonder Allison hangs out with Celia!  She says  “You are going to die” like David Sedaris’ skeleton in “Memento Mori” (from When You Are Engulfed in Flames) often!


You know Fo, Teyona and Aminat are jealous.

Why is it only when the producers do some bad photoshopping that these recap episodes are amusing?  The sleeping Natalie montage?




The Sandra Bunch?


Why won’t the producers listen to my requests? I want more singing London and a flashing Allison still to some music and all-caps text with tons of shadow in the background!  Make this season interesting and stop rehashing plots from previous seasons, editors!

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