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ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 5: “Fierce Eyes” (yeah, right)

Before we get started, let us announce the end of Goofy Time.

You can come out now.

This week I was hoping to make my own screencaps with a mpg file but it’s slow to download onto my computer.  Instead I took screencaps (with Evernote) from tausili @ YouTube, a screencapture from fourfour (see above) and a meme that orignated from The Parking Lot is Full and pictures from the CW unless otherwise linked to in the picture itself.  Click more for more as usual…

File Under: “Emo is bullshit.”

This week, Elina was edited as if she didn’t give a fuck about her “digital art” being displayed in the House of Dreams Destroyed By Tyra’s Egotism™.

This is the only time I will say that the editing was actually good towards a reality show “character” for the duration of the rest of this show’s existance.  Don’t let it get to your head, Tyra.

File Under:

So on topmodel I posted a comment about Jeremy Scott being possibly one of the worst designers that Top Model’s ever seen and someone replied that he was one of the show’s more successful designers (not including the “Versace” show in Cycle 10).  I mean, Heatherette’s* well known, but it doesn’t mean that they can start pulling off some to-die-for designs like Lanvin or Gucci.  Better luck next time Tyrant!

*Appeared in Cycle 3.

I don’t care how many people this guy’s styled in or out of editorials, I despise his style.  To wit: his “cat burglar” show (called “Opulence”)–but with real actual working moddels!

You can see more of “Opulence” on Jeremy Scott’s site as of this post’s publishing date.  (I’m guessing he’ll take it off when he has a new collection.)

The last moddel has on a dress that’s very similar to Samantha’s.  And speaking of:

File Under:

Jeremy Scott,

I mean, if you don’t want to embarrased by someone who’s on a show to learn (“learn”) how to become a model.

File Under: Just Morbidly Curious

Should I go to the Richie Rich show in October for Funkshion? I expect to be, like, “what the fuck is she wearing” at that show but I totally want to feel that way.

File Under: Wonky Eyebrows

For real.


And Sheena should’ve gotten first call-out, not Clark.

Sorry, wrong Clark.

But still, Sheena’s picture > Clark’s picture.

Speaking of:

Where’d Sheena go? She’s still on the show as of now, interns!

But overall, this bitch did a better job than all these girls this week.

And s/he’s not even human!

File Under: Transphobia?

Back at the topmodel comm, some people said that Tyra’s parting words to Isis were disrespectful to her and other trans people.  Since ANTM is on the YouTubes immediately after it airs and Tyra and Ken Mok’s production companies don’t threaten internet lawsuits on YouTube users, I decided to listen into the speech once more:

So Isis, what happened?  You were supposed to go so far!  The girl that we saw in those photos last season is not here! She’s disappeared in her pictures and she’s disappeared in personality. But if you wanna be a model (audio cuts off)

you can and you’re already an inspiration for the gay-lesbian-transgendered-bisexual community–Did I get that right?  I think I said them all, right, Miss J?

Miss J: Yes, you did, honey, yes you did.

Thank you.  So you have to know that.  But you need to work on those eyes or else you’ll just be (imitates wrong answer button) “womp-womp.”*

*Future fourfour Tyraism.

I don’t think Tyra was rushing…she just sucks at editing.  However, Tyra Banks receives this week’s Tessa Carlson Award for hand-picking a girl only to have her get cut before the very end.  Just like…Tessa!  Good job, Tyra!

In all seriousness, as much as people were actually rooting for her, it was time for Isis to go (especially after they put her in the bottom with Samantha, who shouldn’t have been in the bottom two [as much as I want her to be Mrs. heart nibbler, Elina should've been in the bottom two instead]), but Tyra wanted to Teach Her a Lesson™).  Her pictures weren’t that great; they declined from the Cycle 10 homeless shoot to this week’s shoot.  But that doesn’t make her less of an awesome person.  Her parting quote from this episode was the only thing I read in the Miami Herald this morning.  Granted, I was trying to study for a test I had no clue of studying for and I rushed through the paper, but, um, yeah, I don’t care about McCain and how he’s wimping out of his debate with Obama.


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