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ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 4: “I’m Beautiful. Love, Tyra”

I decided to change the style of the recap since it was too similar to Rich’s in format.  Click on the more to find out more!  Photos are from phoenixathon @ capoholic (although, um, yeah, if I keep doing this I should take my own screencaps and stop being so damn lazy).

Civilian Name: “You’re Beautiful, Now Change”

File Under: The Tessa Carlson Awards*

*Awarded to a contestant on America’s Next Top Model For Sucking in a Bathing Suit.

Who…who were you again?

I’m serious.  You were on this cycle?  You weren’t in Cycle 7 or something?  Cycle 5?  Cycle 0?

You never modeled for Jet? I could’ve sworn this came out of the December 1997 issue…

File Under: …As the Trainers of Australia’s Next Top Model Cried

File Under: A Tale of Two Js

“Tyra, no one’s going to believe I can portray a convincing hag.”

“Tyra, no one’s going to believe I’m straight.”

File Under:

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

(I really wanted this clip but it’s not available for embedding on YouTube.)

File Under: Ronald McDonald Hair Aside, I’d Still Hit It

File Under: Models of the Corn

(Done with Picnik.)

Too many long haired models.  This season I think Tyra gave up, right down to the the tube top bras and unflattering skirts.  Well, at least it prevents against cameltoes and chocolate nurples.

File Under: Things I Hate

I despite Wal-Mart.  I’m near 24 years old and I’ve been denied Chappelle’s Show DVDs because I look young and almost denied entry into another Wal-Mart because the “guard” on duty thought I was one of the local North Miami Beach high school kids.  I would’ve had my legal ID (as opposed to my college ID alone) if I knew that particular Wal-Mart played “You’re a High School Kid, You’ll Loiter and Loot my Wal-Mart, Now Leave” and I wouldn’t have went anyway if my mother didn’t give me a Wal-Mart gift card.  (I prefer the lesser evil that is Target.)

Naturally I saw this

and my brain did this.

After my brain refocused I saw this:

(Done with Aviary.)

Life can be so cruel sometimes.

File Under: This Is Not Australia’s Next Top Best Friend

Jonathan Pease surprises the girls at home to tell them it’s crunch time, that they’re on their own this week; the girls have to do everything for themselves.

Et cetera.

…Jay Manuel holds back all critique and direction.


FIle Under: 9021NO

I can’t find a link on USA Today’s site that proves what I read in the actual print edition, but ANTM got a 3.9 rating share last week–higher than Gossip Girl and 90210. As someone who believes that Tyra’s antics are better than blogisodes, I couldn’t be happier.


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