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antm: fats and dom. or dom and fats.

this is a post all about what i forgot or didn’t get to recap in my earlier fats post as well as my new favorite antm contestant ever, dominique.

(item 6.5 is not safe for work, so proceed at your own risk unless your boss loves black girls’ nipples and cameltoe.  item 10 is spoilerific-ish–it’s from the frequently vandalized wikipedia.  photo credits are in parenthesis like these.)  

(updated may 16 for a post-show interview that answers item 5.  read at your own risk.)

item 1

so i was rewatching jezebel’s (or, rather, slut machine’s) short tribute video to dominique and i noticed fatima’s look after whitney said 

[dominique is] always taking other peoples’ food.  she always takes my food.

violet beauregard does not believe your bullshit

“i’m ready for my closeup”

notice the “bitch, plz” look.  the appropriate fatsism for this phrase is, actually, “are you fucking kidding me,” but whatever.  (remember, fatima is an educated african woman and does not get down with your booty-shaking and your denials of whether you are a bitch or not.)

this season everyone in the cast hates whitney!  compared to some people in the cast that hate fats!

i love fatima!

yes, i know.





(cw video screencap; the cw; cw video screencap)

you can stop loving her now.

speaking of: 

item two

outfits that dominique should’ve never worn on antm


those two looks were bad, but the nutty mask was a really bad look.



and what about the time fats and dom went out together as violet beauregarde and willy wonka?



that was embarrasing.  willy wonka was supposed to teach violet a lesson!

all bad photoshopping aside, why dom has her hand on fats’ shoulder…i don’t even think fatima knew what was going on.


item 3

{fats: a man can’t even give me a good–massage like this.
{marvita: …and i’m not gonna tell you why.
okay, get the hell up off me.
(fats laughs.)
marvita, highlighted quote:

(youtube screencap)

top model confidential

i’m deducing that this season was unintentionally gayer than most.

item 3.5

like, i’ve never had a boyfriend…

so, like, i can’t be sexy around guys…


–”i’m ready for my closeup”

is this show implying something that i’d love to say but cannot say because of libel?

never mind.

item 4



(fans of reality tv; from cw video screenshot)

they mentioned claire’s newborn daughter but made no mention of dom’s daughter salome?  boo.  i mean, salome.  you didn’t think dom read books, did you?

item 5




and most reviewers harped on lauren drinking coffee from a wine glass.  (lauren drinking a 40 on the floor, however, was largely overlooked by most.)  considering that fatima’s mother is muslim and she lives her life because of her affiliation with the islamic faith (item 3.5, she rarely eats meat [eating meat's not common in somalia, where she's from]), i’m assuming what’s in that glass can’t be alcohol.  or am i wrong?

on another note, that is a really nice bag by fats’ bedside.

item 5.5

Fatima: Me, Kat, and Lauren — one night went to the castle thing. We were trying to do push-ups, and we were so tipsy we were falling down.

well, that answers item 5.

item 6

i mean, honestly, hair grows.  


and if it doesn’t grow fast enough I can buy some!

“sprint spotlight–dominique”

oh, dom.  if most people came out of this show with your attitude, they wouldn’t be the stank bitches that they are today.

item 6.5

comments under the fourfour post “this is for my peoples who lost their grandmothers:”

Fatima’s cameltoe there is out. of. control.

This is of course, wildly insensitive, but has anyone else noticed Fatima’s insane cameltoe? A little bit of airbrushing could’ve gone a long way.

this is something i just learned from fourfour: lack of clitoris =/= lack of cameltoe!

anyway, here’s dominique’s nipple from the aforementioned sprint spotlight!

mmm, chocolate nipples.

but in all seriousness tyra can’t find these girls bathing suits not from american apparel?  or airbrush those nipples like she did dom’s nose on her paint shot?  come on!

item 7

considering all the conspiracy theories floating around twop, the topmodel livejournal community and fort about whitney getting a “winner’s edit” (the lack of go-sees in new york, allegedly because the designers in rome would obliterate whitney, the montage of her in front of the last episode, etc. al.)  item three and this photo are the most blantant giveaways that fats was getting weave (specifically the “naomi campbell,” or what i call the “bitch,” weave).



i mean, you can’t put weave on goat ears, yo. she could’ve also ended up looking like nnenna, you know, a real “african queen.”  but tyra was like, “no, she can’t be nnenna.”  or something like that.

(oddly enough, both are from africa and about the same age.  weird, huh?)

item 8

dom was dead on when she impersonated fats on “i’m ready for my closeup” as well as in her interview concerning her love fear of fats.


(cw video screencap; phoenixothon)

<<dominique’s goofy laugh here>>

item 9

other high points in dominique’s brief antm career 




(with the exception of the last photo from [caught in the current], phoenixothon)

you’re a mother, dom!  why are you out drinking with the girls?  hmm….


okay, i kid, i kid.  but you were so awesome, dom.  i wish your daughter and you the best in la.


item 10

(link to the edit here.)

because i had a somewhat shitty day and because someone else edited the actual cycle 10 article (and not the template) for an anya win, i’m going to relent and say that anna nicole whitney wins (although the article has since been vandalized in whitney’s favor as well).  but we can all dream, right?


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