Where did the name “heart nibbler” come from?

The pirate François l’Olonnais, a former French indentured servant who became a ruthless pirate.  He hated Spanish people for some odd reason.  While looking for more Spanish people one day he sliced open the chest of a Spaniard for not giving him the information he needed.  The pirate then proceeded to bite his still-beating heart.  It was originally the name of the 2007 blog heart nibbler, which I gave up because of the limitations of space on WordPress at the time.  Any and all of the goodness on heart nibbler is lost; I moved my best-ofs to Vox and refused to use the Vox service after they failed to protect me from a troll attack.  I’ve taken the name back as a nickname.  Meanwhile Vox still sucks.

The title of this blog didn’t come from that National Geographic channel commercial for Taboo (_2008_), right?

Right.  I came up with the title after a variation of the heart-biting thing you read above.

Who’s the girl in your WordPress icon?

Lauren Utter, a contestant on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10.  She’s the six-foot tall punk rock darling of the ANTM editors (liking punk rock = metal [!]-sounding music whenever we want to vilify her!) and bloggers but the scorn of the majority of people who comment in articles about her on topmodel. IRL she’s an artist from New Jersey, where she grew up.

The picture is specifically from the episode “For Those Who Are About to Walk, We Salute You” (I don’t see where the AC/DC reference fits in with ANTM, but whatever).  That’s the episode where Lauren chopped off her thumb while cutting an onion and the producers had to intervene to send Fatima over to Rome (editing her to be an irresponsible twat in the process).  One of those faceless reporters from those annoying gossip newsmagazines (The Insider) asked her a question and Lauren replied: “I can kick the shit out of those girls [her cast mates from America's Next Top Model, Cycle 10] anytime.”  Honestly if I wasn’t six foot plus I would be afraid of having my ass beat if I personally knew Lauren.  (Unless I was Fatima.)

What are some of the subjects you cover on this blog?

Reality shows, the Food Network and my life.

Do you approve all comments?

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