Posted by: heart nibbler | March 13, 2010

Scratch that, no C14 recap this season

Instead of going on and on about how my aging computer is dying on me, I made a video and put it on Vimeo to show you.

But then I realized I wanted to clarify myself.

Initially I was going to say “I can still do Gossip Girl recaps if I can stomach them because next week’s teaser is filling me with dread.  And maybe I can do the hot ass mess that is Rip the Runway, provided BET or someone at the topmodel comm finds photos from the event.”  Today I just discovered another sad truth about my aging computer: the headphone jack is busted.  (And I don’t know how to demo that, sorry.)  This all but assures my computer going into the shop, since it’s not easy to repair like a malfunctioning CD-ROM driver.  So, um, this blog is most likely going on a hiatus.  I still won’t do Cycle 14–I don’t want to use crappy YouTube/CW video and I am not shelling out $20 for an iTunes subscription I don’t really need and don’t want to use, but if my computer is fixed, I may return to Gossip Girl recaps (because of the abundance of screencap sites).  If I can stomach them.

I also promised to cover Britain’s Next Top Model Cycle 6, so I may do that, provided my computer works so I can snag the YouTube/Dailymotion files.  That is, if the files go on YouTube/Dailymotion.  But this will probably be my last season of BNTM, sadly to say.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, this is a recent photo of me. You’re welcome.

And I apologize if my voice sounds like a shorter, gayer, more Southern version of Jessica Szohr’s.  Here’s a video of her interviewing Leighton Meester for reference.


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