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Britain’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4: The WTF Moments, Part I

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How could I explain the what the hell factor of Britain’s Next Top Model (let alone Cycle 4)?  It’s like America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 1, Groundhog Cycle, save for the rotating panel of judges, hosts, houses, sets, contestants and challenges.  I’ve compiled a list of what the hell moments from Britain’s Next Top Model, Cycle 4.  Episodes 1-7 are covered in this post.  Episodes 8-13 will be covered Saturday.

Episode 1 (“Aptitude and Natural Talent”)—This guy


I didn’t know Michael Alig started a news corporation.

Episode 2 (“Poise and Composure”)—Paper dresses

Oh, sure, you can say Scottee, upon hearing Britain’s Next Top Model needed a designer, came up with paper dresses at the 11th hour and asked the models to do their own hair and make-up.  But I say he’s one of those women-hating designers, just like Jeremy Scott.

Episode 3 (“Style and Presentation”)—Lisa Snowdon’s hair at judging

snowdon hair judging bleeped 3

How bad is Lisa’s Snowdon’s hair?  It’s worse than the models who decided to make dresses out of garbage bags and spread condiments on themselves and the floor in the model house.  It’s worse than the cheap-looking shoot that had the models pose with dogs.  It’s so bad I had to pixelate it (the original look is here).  That’s how bad Lisa Snowdon’s hair was at this particular judging.

Episode 4 (“Character and Personality”)—Huggy Ragnarsson says this in Icelandic




The punishment: sitting with Tyra Banks for an hour.

Episode 5 (“Exhibition and Spectacle”)—Truth or Dare

This cycle was so unbelievably dull even with said garbage bag incident in Episode 3.  Until this moment, which can only be expressed in a clip that’s less than five minutes.

Episode 6 (“Drama and Performance”)—Stefanie, the Wet Blanket of Cycle 4, sleeps in the nude

Addendum: In Episode 8, Aaron says not only does Stefanie sleep in the nude, she walks around naked in her model house bedroom and she showers with the shower door open.  I have no problem with nudity, but this girl is not cool enough to be that naked in a model house.


In the next post: More Lisa Snowdon jokes, guaranteed.  Why?

The world needs more Lisa Snowdon jokes.

Trust me.


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