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Britain’s Next Top Model Cycle 5, Episode 12: The Finally, Part II

Mecia and Sophie arrived back in London to be treated to “the model life.”  Sadly for you realists out there, they did not live in a cramped apartment booking jobs few people will see outside [name of country here].  Here’s what “the model life” consists of (part of it is in Mecia-speak):

And, of course, more alcohol.

This is Britain’s Next Top Model. There can never be enough alcohol.

As part of the “model life” Sophie and Mecia received dresses, shoes and dinner with a booker for Models 1 and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the first in a slew of special guests in this finally (misspelling intentional).  Here Mecia in Mecia-speak describes meeting Rosie.


sophie mocks mecia part 748

I decided to skip the PPQ casting for the final runway show (arranged by the producers, and I’m confused as to why the PPQ designers needed to see Mecia and Sophie like it was a proper go-see, but whatever).  Too much muckin’ gesturing.




Really, BNTM, if you want models to learn from vapid socialites you should’ve made Mecia and Sophie watch a season of The Simple Life.


Louis on the final runway show:

Except, you know, Mecia and Sophie didn’t fight each other because people don’t fight each other at runway shows– they walk for their designers.

Speaking of the “fight-off,” here are Mecia and Sophie looking terrified (“terrified?”) before said “fight-off.”

mecia backstage

sophie scared


the ring

After Mecia won the show went into a nearly two-minute spiel about why the judges picked Mecia to win.  Then Mecia’s boyfriend gave her the ring,* as seen earlier…

and the show ended &stuff.

So, what did we learn about this cycle of Britain’s Next Top Model?

  • The contestants gave each other nicknames like “Meish” and “Soph” and “Ash” and “Dais” and “Maddy” and whatnot.
  • The contestants didn’t hold grudges for long.
  • The contestants drank a lot of alcohol.
  • Britain’s latest Top Model can do this &stuff:


  • Louis wears outfits.  Here is his last outfit for the season.  Please note the scepter.

louis final outfit


And that is how this cycle of Britain’s Next Top Model should’ve ended.

mecia clap

*Yes, that is the Cycle 5 cast around Mecia and her boyfriend in that shot.  With even more alcohol!  Joy.

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