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Britain’s Next Top Model, Cycle 5, a.k.a. the Ashley Brown Programme, Episode 10

This week Ashley Brown and the English went to Buenos Aires, which is also known as

To celebrate Ashley played the Fender Sophiecaster.

sophie and ashley




On the seventh cycle of America’s Next Top Model, production bought a bus and drove the remaining contestants around Barcelona with male models. BNTM found Ivan (he pronounces it Ee-vaughn) and asked him to show the remaining contestants around Buenos Aires.


In a train.

Viola was attracted to Ivan.  The other girls notice.

If this is “naughty”

violent kiss

I can only imagine what Ashley thinks is in Playboy magazine.


This is the first time I’ve seen a segment used again in the same season by an NTM.  I mean, other than the endless stream of mock commercials, but still.

Interviewer: “You realize there were women at this event, correct?”

Ashley: “What do you mean there were women there?  Other than Lisa, Sophie, Mecia, Jade, Viola and myself?”


Ashley: “Oh, yeah, I was drinkin’ and flirtin’ with some guys.  ’S not like those women are important, eh?” 


Argentina’s biggest export is beef.  In this show’s endless cycle of mock commercials, the girls did a mock commercial for the Argentine beef industry.  Apparently Argentine beef is half-naked male models, horses, British models butchering Spanish and a montage of the English making fun of Ashley’s stare.



Lisa introduced the contestants to the “Argentinean-style” elimination.  Judging “Argentinean-style” consists of a cheap-looking set somewhere in Buenos Aires

and Louis wearing the hottest thing anyone can wear in Argentina.

louis 10

Note that “hot” does not mean “most-wanted” in this case.

During Mecia and Viola’s Argentine beef commercials, the only commercials to be re-aired at this point in the show, Lisa made faces even Nick Cannon won’t do as WORST HOST EVER of America’s Got Talent.


Mecia does not approve.

yeah, lisa, this is bad and stuff

During the Skin Bliss campaign shoot, Ashley thought she’s the “only one” in the competition “with the worst body.”  On the contrary, Louis thought she looked “pure” in the Skin Bliss campaign shoot and suggested she could be a face in Argentine tourism.  Ashley could be the face of Argentine tourism, and she comes with her own nifty tourism slogan as well!

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  1. Hey this is Ashley Brown here, my mum found this site haha and i think you are hillarious!!! love it….the ashley brown show!!!:D Just wanted 2 leave a comment becoz this has had me in stitches…ha.


    • I’m glad you (if you are Ashley Brown, and I’m convinced you are really her) like it!

  2. If you are the real ashley brown I have to say that you’ve made this season and I feel compelled to yell BETCH whenever Sophies appears just to celebrate you!

  3. ha no it is lol, i actually hink ur brilliant!!!!

    lol an ano i sophie funny, shes not really like tht all th time tho, wer good frends shes actually really nice!!:D

    u ben enjoyin th show then?

    i swear like this is my fav site!!!


    • I do enjoy the show!

  4. aww cool, nevr relised th things a came out

    im mortified


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