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Miami Social short

(Note: this is about me and is under 600 words.  Saturday, as usual, a BNTM post that will be about Ashley Brown.)

george douchebags it up

I’m excited that Miami Social is finally premiering after God knows when.  Not like I’m going to watch Miami Social a lot—shows in the Hills/Real Housewives of… vein bore the hell out of me.  However, I was there when the company that produces Miami Social, Pink Sneakers* (known for the Hogan family shows on VH1) taped a segment in October 2008 for Miami Social at SET. This was around the time when I was debating going to a Miguel Migs deejay set (pun unintended) at SET or a Giada De Laurentiis cooking demonstration at the Arsht Center that never happened due to “scheduling conflicts.”  As I recall, the cooking demo was not on Giada’s official calendar of events on her website at the time.  Interpret that at your will.

Luckily, I chose the sure bet—tickets, paid in advance, for Migs at SET.  I had gotten to SET early, just in case they opened at 11 PM (they didn’t…they opened around 12, 12:30 the next morning).  Before a host of people were let into SET, I recall Pink Sneakers filming the cast members of the show stepping into SET as if anyone knew who the hell they were.  It was like something I saw on Rachael Ray (the talk show)—like that service that allows you to pay for your own paparazzi for a day.  I have to admit, I was excited when I saw cameras filming people going into SET…only to discover 1) these people are not famous in any capacity and most likely will not be after this show, since the infamy of reality TV is fleeting (ahem, Spencer, Heidi) 2) the cameras were with Pink Sneakers and not, say, Entertainment Weekly, or, hell, Deco Drive, a local show that profiles Miami and Miami Beach.

I don’t recall the people who stepped out of the car and delayed admission to SET for a while having any sort of rapport with the guards and staff at SET unlike a lot of regulars at SET that knew the guards and staff by name.  In fact, Pink Sneakers put up a sign saying anyone who was going to come inside SET was liable to be filmed for Miami Social. The sign was taken down by the SET guards shortly after.

The only other thing I remember was for about an hour or so a private room which can be seen in the far back of the club, between the two capsule elevators that run up and down with dancers throughout the night and right above the bar in the back of the club, being lit with bright lights.  You could actually see the people and the contents in the private room from the main floor of the club.  After a while the lights went off and I guess Pink Sneakers took the back way out of SET because I never saw them again by the time I left SET at around 3 AM, when Migs’s set ended and the (lame) house DJ took over for the rest of the night.

I highly doubt I’ll actually appear in the episode which has some of the cast going to SET.  But I want to watch it to see what type of (scripted) fun they had in that private room that night.  And then I’ll resume not watching a lot of summer filler programs for the rest of the summer.

*autoplaying videos you cannot cut off are the devil

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