Posted by: heart nibbler | June 3, 2009

In brief 6/3

I am writing another novel.  I just wanted to let you know so I can hold myself to finishing the novel.  And unlike the times I worked with the Office of Letters and Light, I’m going to ensure what I work on isn’t crap to meet a 1,666 word per day quota.  The only day I’m taking off somewhat will be Saturday to do the Fiercest Model project for Drawing Day.

The BNTM “Nordic Queens” and episode 7’s recap, will be on Saturday to allow me to make .gifs of screaming girls in buckskin caps.

Today I have decided to close up the following:

  • my Plurk
  • my Jaiku

I’m not involved with my  Jaiku.  And I’m slowly not Plurking aside from blog updates.  In fact, the Plurk and Jaiku (and, in the past when it was up, my Pownce) accounts were only accounts created in case of a Twitter outage.  You know what?  I’m willing to take my chances now that I’m using Twitter more and more to recap my day.  And it’ll be easier to keep track of me if I only have, oh, three blogs (this one, my LiveJournal and my Tumblr) and my Twitter.

And now, the video, nine minutes of me stumbling around South Beach during Winter Music Conference 2008.  I have more videos to come from this, and to think I only got to making this and similar videos because of space limitations on my computer.



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