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ANTM Cycle 12 Episode 9: The London Levi Memorial/Seventeen Parody Edition

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model:

London trolled defused an argument between Nijah and Sandra without wearing a bra.


Fo labeled all her things in the house.

And House Mother almost got killed by a stiletto.

Tyra gets killed by a shoe

I now present the last in-show edition of Take London. (Don’t worry, Take London will be back sporadically as this show finally winds down and gives way to Australia’s Next Top Model, Cycle 5!)  Out of respect for London, I only chose two stills from this episode because I’d rather remember the memories and not Tyra’s edits.

In all seriousness, I think London’s anorexia and bulimia could’ve thrown her metabolism out of wack and, as I noted in an overdue recap, Tyra makes sure her girls are healthy! Although post-show London looks great, which makes it all the more hilarious when I read comments begging London to lose weight on YouTube when this show was, like, taped in November and December of last year.

I guess I’ll work on Jump Ropes of Death.


Yay, you.

(Larger ANTM camgirl over here.)

I was also upset Aminat wasn’t eliminated but since I know one of my least favorite models goes next week I’m not so upset anymore.  (Hint: Not Aminat.)  So to enliven the London Levi Memorial Recap I decided to make fun of an atypical splash page in Seventeen. With Ann Shoket at the wheel.  (Ugh, I am so tired of this woman.  I actually miss Atoosa Rubenstein now.)

(Some people over at the topmodel LJ comm noticed that Natalie seems to be gaining weight as well, yet Natalie’s getting the “boring edit.”  I hate you, Tyra Banks.)

Next week:  The Amazing Rip-off 2. A more expanded version of last year’s parody of a reality show within a reality show!

(Seriously!  TPTB named next week’s episode “The Amazing Model Race.”  This might be the high point of my recaps.  Get excited, because when go-sees happen, I assume we will be stuck in boats.  Again.)


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