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ANTM 11 Episode 8: Of Cyborgs and MS Paint

Sorry this was late.  I was at a hotel all day.  Please don’t ask.  I’ll break bones if I do.

And sorry this is short…but you know, recap. Specifically: “Top Model 11 Confidential.”

Sources this time are from ONTD (via PETA), YouTube, honestlyantm, All ANTM and, um…if you love your hearing, do not click on this, thanks.

File Under: “But you just said…”

This episode showed us what may be a reoccurring “rift” between Elina and Sheena (stupid fact: in the fight Sheena says that all humans will eventually become…cyborgs).  Elina says she has dedicated her life (since 1989, I assume, the year of her birth) to animal rights.  I’m not buying it unless I see a sticker reading “Jindo: McDonald’s of Fur” in her mother’s uterus.

Elina also told US Weekly (unless they exaggerate real bad) that pets are “slaves” to humans.  I’m not kidding.

So should her Ronald McDonald weave, a “cat” named “Sherry [spelled according to Top Model writers, and can you believe the freakin' 'cat's' two years old already?],” be freed to live with the other stray cats of Los Angeles?  Would it be able to survive against other cats, rabies and the LA traffic?  Only time will tell.

And yes, I’m thinking of “divorcing” Elina over this.  We could’ve had some beautiful children together.

Wait a minute, she was never with me all along!  She was still pining over the loss of her “beautiful, tall, thin” “girlfriend!”

Oh, well.

And pulled it off better than your “ejaculate drippings” ever could.

[There went 90% of this week's punchlines, ladies and gentlemen.

NO U.]

Speaking of, , how can you diss the Marj and Analeigh for being together all the time…

and then get in a tub and “conserve” water and Listerine?


(This shot of Brittany and Isis was omitted from the joke, but it’s so adorable, I wanna share.



File Under: Dippy Dawg 2.0

I think I know why Hannah has Alaska(n) Pixie Dust.

In Alaska, she had a confrontation with a moose at a young age.  As self-defense, her fairy godparent(s) gave her Alaska(n) Pixie Dust.  It keeps the moose, Sherry and Sarah Palin at bay.

File Under: Not Surprised

Not like there’s anything wrong with skimpy clothing and asses but I’m not surprised in the least.

File Under: Typecasting

Miss J should’ve played the good witch.  He’s not as demented as Evilene…

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


File Under: Other…things.

  • There was a pose-off in cubes in Episode 1 and Sheena said she sucked at it.
  • Nikeysha talked a lot more.
  • Sheena lost some hair.
  • And magicians aren’t always funny.



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