Posted by: heart nibbler | October 2, 2008

ANTM Cycle 11 Episode 6:

Hey, it’s a better title than “Natural Beauty.”  At least it describes something that went on in the show.

File Under: Dick

This is Clark.

This is still Clark.

This is Clark as of this week’s broadcast.

Personally, I’d rather see this Clark again.


Elina agrees!

File Under: FTD Should Sue ASAP

File Under: Purpacet for Models

You can just call it Sephiacet instead.

First Mme. Yo, now Joslyn.  The former is starting to scare me like Dominique did last season in confessional close-ups…

the later, to me, is like a poor man’s version of Danielle Evans.  If these girls do go far, I have no faith in Tyra Banks’ psychiatric doctors.

File Under: Getting Things Done…Wrong…ly

Okay, this catalog clothes with paper clips challenge is stupid.  It’s like Getting Things Done porn, stuff only people who read Lifehacker and Unclutterer and Zen Habits and Dumb Little Man and whatever would jerk off to if said people never heard of porn.  (There’s nothing wrong with those blogs, but damn, doesn’t this sound like GTD porn?)

File Under: (blank)

Okay, what’s up with the freakin’ shoes?


File Under: …and a Long Tail’”

I saw a preview of Marjorie breaking down after the girls visited Thrift Store Staples for Models, and I thought of this:

Later the Marj and Sam, who will be now known as because of the awesome fourfour gifs, argue in the House Wrecked by Tyra’s EgotismTM.  Elina’s edited-in response:

I second that.  I’m sure Rich will put a spin on the argument but to me that fight was about as exciting as C-SPAN.

File Under: YouTube Clips!

1.  Hey, it’s MicKey’s penguin walk!  (Misspelling of name intentional.)

2.  Behold, Whitney slowly frosting cupcakes.

This shit should be on Food Network instead of Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee. At least Whitney doesn’t make vodka cocktails all the time.

File Under:

and Tyra Banks/Jay Manuel/Etc. is Okay.  Calm the Fuck Down.


The photo shoot was 10% better.  I mean, I like the mod-ness of it, but I don’t like the idea of Model Gojira in (insert LA neighborhood here).  Handing out the Tessa Carlson Award to Tyra Banks (again) for seeking a photographer

that an ex-contestant (that Lauren should’ve totally mauled last season)

shot and deciding to make him a Cycle 11 photographer?

File Under: In Closing…

I didn’t like either girl in the bottom two.  Thing is, I’d take Isis back if both girls were double eliminated.  Clark is (Tyra sound here) while Joslyn is The Second Coming of Danielle Evans, Except Less FierceTM.


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