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Paula Deen Is Stubborn (and a tad bit delusional)

Long story made short (in part because if I disclose some details, I might get in trouble), I decide to pick up It Ain’t All About the Cookin’ as I’m researching the 1930s.  And just in time too!

You see, last week Nancy of the D Magazine Side Dish blog (yes, that same blog that gave Lisa Garza infamy–behold, more infamy!) did a short series on Deen and her food.  Paula Deen and bloggers is nothing new to blogland: the group blog Serious Eats has done five six (joking!) installments on how “Paula Deen Is Trying to Kill Us.” But on both blogs downer comments have been raised on, for example, whether you are a food snob for hating Deen or why the Pioneer Woman (!) is like Sandra Lee etc. al.  (No comment from me, since I’ve never read either Pioneer Woman blog.)  So instead I want to feature some moments from Cookin’ instead.

  1. 60-something-year-old woman-no wrinkles on cover but there are wrinkles on her hands-a result of way too much Botox and/or really bad photoshopping.
  2. Paula used to work as a model.  Yes, a model.  And she looked great, height notwithstanding.  I feel so cheated.
  3. IMO Paula really dislikes people who, well, aren’t her.
    1. She shuns a dental hygienist job because she is in love with the man who would become her first husband.  We can blame this on her youth, but
    2. She later makes a flippant comment on liberal universities in reference to Jamie leaving college to help her start The Bag Lady.
    3. Also she says that writers are ‘poor’ in reference to Jamie’s original career path.  Maybe I’m overreacting a bit, but, um, yeah, this woman’s a white-collar snob.  There might be more in the book but I must have missed the references.
  4. Remember the Beau Burger?  The original name was supposed to be a Sambo Burger. (The inspiration for the name: Two guys named Sam and Beau.  Sam + Beau = Sambo? Whut?)  And was she that clueless in thinking that the original name of the burger would have not sent the NAACP, Al Sharpton (and his partner Ann Coulter), Jesse Jackson and a whole slew of Angry Black People to Chelsea Market?  Gawd.
  5. At the start of Chapter 15 (“Food, Glorious Food, Southern Style”), before talking about various groups of foods she defends Southern cooking.  As a person from the South let me state this: Just because it is Southern cuisine does not make it good Southern cuisine. I’ve had bad and bland food from barbeque caterers.  I’ve had a forgettable meal at Mama Dip’s, a soul food restaurant in Chapel Hill (as seen on this awful show).  And, getting back to Side Dish, one of the Side Dish Paula Deen posts is about…a bad experience at the Lady & Sons.
  6. While talking about Elizabethtown, Paula (jokingly) talks about having a Garbo-esque mystique.  Since Greta Garbo died in 1990 and cannot speak for herself, we decided to have someone who somewhat looks like Greta, Lauren Utter (the official heart nibbler icon girl) speak for Greta.

No!  I’m serious!

You could probably get away with Lauren in a Greta Garbo biographical film-if she was down with portraying lesbian scenes and was willing to do a Swedish accent.  Paula Deen, however, looks like (and will always have the mystique of) a demented old grandmother.

I know.

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  1. you are absolutely insane. first, paula deen is no different than other chefs…she cooks food the way she likes, and the people that enjoy the same types of food like it too. second, look at your hands. don’t they have wrinkles? have you noticed more wrinkles the older you get? look at other hands of “wisened” (cuz i WON’T say old) southern women. see where i’m going with this? third, you did miss the references. paula is furthest from a white collar snob than anyone i know..perhaps YOU are the snob. i’ve had the pleasure of meeting paula in an intimate (i.e. non-publicity) setting, and she made me feel at ease, and she is so full of warmth and southern charm. Fourth, if paula made a comment as, you say, jokingly, where are you missing the joke and decide to take it to a personal attack? i loved lauren on antm, but c’mon…anyone with the right makeup, lighting, and photographer can look like greta garbo. you just seem jealous of the personality, the fame, the charm, the hospitality that paula deen exudes.

  2. 1. You missed the point of what I was saying about the cover. It’s not about Deen’s hands. And also about the references…about her snobbery.
    2. “‘wisened’ (cuz I won’t say old):” You just called Deen old, honey.
    3. I never “personally attacked” Deen. I reviewed her book. Have you read it?

    Maybe you should step back, take a breath and come back when you can see the post in a different light, okay?

  3. [...] about food/personalities at all I think I’ll just stick with ANTM recaps because obviously I am so ‘jealous’ of the Food Network. (rolls eyes)  At least people realize I’m not attacking the girls on ANTM (and I try not to, [...]



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