Posted by: heart nibbler | July 29, 2008

The Next Food Network Star Season 4 Wrap It Up Box!

  1. Vote for Jennifer for Design Star. Voting ends tomorrow, 10 AM EST.  Text!  Vote online!  Or vote for Matt if you’re so inclined, because those two have a brighter future on HGTV than any Food Network “star!”
  2. As promised, my skewering of Aaron’s new show will be posted next week.  And most likely I’ll ignore his show afterward.
  3. I mean, the editing of the last episode was bad like the rest of the season, but Food Network interns are worse.
  4. Why Little Man is not a foodie: “Heading into the final episode, my vote was for Adam to win.” I honestly think his job was secured for life when he found Rachael Ray,  because if I were Brooke Johnson, I would’ve had him working for Fine Living–no, wait, I didn’t just say that.  Um, he’d be working at a gay bar?
  5. The Dipsy timeline (this post for link) has been updated with all the episodes for Aminal Food as well as Big Daddy’s Kitchen.  And every time I type that I see this:

I hope I haven’t given Little Man any bad ideas.  But you know I did.



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