Posted by: heart nibbler | April 28, 2008

no love for ya man flavor flav

flavor flav

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i’ve fallen out of love with flavor flav.  i don’t know how it happened.  i forget that there’s a show in front of miss rap supreme nowadays.

maybe it was after he split up the twins.  maybe it was the four extra girls that came into the house.  maybe it’s because this show for me is no longer fun.  maybe it’s because i went to paris already with “america’s top model.”*  (the show, not via tree.)  maybe it’s because people have already spoiled who got kicked off tonight’s show already via the morning previews.

i don’t know.  all i know it that i’m looking at the hills.  and trust me, one hills episode is worse than one season of flavor of love.

*flav insists that you get his name right but he doesn’t know anything about america’s next top model, let alone the show’s proper name.  irony!

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