Posted by: heart nibbler | April 7, 2010

The End.

As of today, April 7, 2010, I will not be updating this blog anymore.

When I started this blog in 2008 it was a response to the shitty customer service I received at Vox and the not-so-sophisticated platform at LiveJournal.  This blog was meant to discuss my somewhat boring life as I was training for my eventual future as an underpaid line cook a future chef of America.  Over time it became a TV blog of sorts, a response to fourfour and Videogum, especially as I became more and more jaded to my culinary school’s grand vision for its students.  (And that’s just me putting it nicely, because I can spend thousands of words about my shitty experience there.  But I’m a lady and I seek employment in the future.  I’ll leave my rants for the select public to see.)  And, up until now, it was a monster.

Today I don’t have the heart, the working equipment or the desire to spend 1-2 hours uploading pictures and text posts to WordPress.  And I can’t find myself able to care about hearts for dinner anymore.  I’m planning to move away from television blogging, at least tedious (for me) recaps.  I dream of starting over again in New York, working in the fashion industry, possibly going to school at Parsons…and succeeding. With other people helping me.  If you can help me, e-mail me (at least for now) at heartnibbler [at] gmail [dot] com.

The posts will stay up but I will shut comments off so I will not have to monitor comments from people six months in the future.  The info section will probably disappear—the employment thing, and some of the links will not be updated now—but some of the tabs will stay on the blog.  I have another blog under another name on the WordPress system and the amount of unpublished comments there drove me mad. (Especially the twat who complained I should’ve wrote about a show currently on the air.  There are other blogs for other shows currently on the air.  FIND THEM.)

After two years of service, I will bid you all adieu, at least on WordPress.  I will still be over at Tumblr, where publishing is less of a headache and where I’m having more fun at right now.  I may not get as many page views as I did here.  I may not get as many page views as I did when I was blogging on Blogger (which was more than here).  But at least I will be happy.

I leave you with a song by Aya I like, “Curtain Call.” I think this sets a nice tone for the end of this blog.


Posted by: heart nibbler | March 31, 2010

Concert review: Deadmau5, industry fashion show, 3/29/10

Deadmau5 was the DJ of an out-of-season fashion show, described as a “pop-up” show.  And pop-up it was, because this show completely missed the opportunity to have Jessica Szohr and Michelle Trachtenberg standing in the front row because this fashion show was awash in a sea of nobodies.

The mau5 played his hits “Not Exactly,” “Hi Friend” and “FML” as models walked down a creepy interactive runway with their looks being displayed as they walked down the runway.  I was told there would be some familiar faces from some gossip blog, but since the blog always talks about B this and C that and S this and N that and V this and D and J that I didn’t know who the hell I was looking for.

Overall Deadmau5’s concert was amazing.  I would rather see him perform in Mansion, though, because I could not get my groove on with all these stuffy prostitute-looking types.

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Posted by: heart nibbler | March 17, 2010


I’m taking the rest of this week off to work on some other projects.  I’ll be thinking of you while I get my picture taken with Dan and Vanessa in “South Beach.”

Posted by: heart nibbler | March 13, 2010

Scratch that, no C14 recap this season

Instead of going on and on about how my aging computer is dying on me, I made a video and put it on Vimeo to show you.

But then I realized I wanted to clarify myself. Read More…

Posted by: heart nibbler | March 10, 2010

Gossip Girl Theater: The Hurt Locket

Related: What Is Charles Wearing Now: The Hurt Locket

Alex, take your pill. You might need to be numb for the highlights under the cut.  And trust me, these are the highlights.  (Spoilers for the British and anyone living on TiVO time.  Also a bit of girl ass after the jump, but there’s nothing wrong with girl ass at hearts for dinner.  Finally, AUTOPLAY.  Scroll down and mute as needed, as I don’t know how to stop this crazy thing, Jane.)

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Posted by: heart nibbler | March 6, 2010

Blog update 3/6

Still prepping up for some things in my life, but here’s a notice board of things that will be tackled next week:

“The Hurt Locket” gets skewered next Wednesday, and, of course, ANTM recaps start next Saturday.  Yes, there will be tacky runways.  Yes, there will be Anna Karenina sex play.  It all starts next week!

Posted by: heart nibbler | March 1, 2010

More things in Giada’s home bother me

So I was watching Giada at Home today–for some reason I cannot completely divorce myself from this show despite my criticisms of it–and I happened to see this dish, “Trenette with Eggplant and Pesto.” By the time I caught this goof on Food Network, the show plate at the beginning of the show had disappeared, but I managed to snag this shot of said dish before 30 Minute Meals came on.

Anyway, Giada was going on and on about how the dish originated in Northern Italy, etc. al. whatever.  Problem is this penne-like pasta didn’t originate in Northern Italy–it originated in Southern Italy (technically), in the Abruzzo region. Giada wasn’t actually using trenette pasta, which did originate in Northern Italy.  She was using trennette pasta. This, on the other hand, is trenette pasta:

In summary, real trenette looks like a thicker version of fettuccine.  Trennette pasta, on the other hand, looks like a slimmer version of penne.

I’m not going to lie, I would make this dish.  I just wouldn’t call it “Trenette with Eggplant and Pesto;” in my case, I would call it “Penne, Pan-Fried Eggplant and Pesto” since in Nowheresville, NC people have no clue what trennette pasta looks like.

Also I can go on about how lemons aren’t usually seen in Northern Italian cooking but I will stop here for today.

Posted by: heart nibbler | February 27, 2010

Blog update 2/27

Still no new post this week–still working on new projects and all–but I wanted to share with you, after the jump, the 20 albums that changed my life.  I’m too lazy to provide links for all of them, but I assure you all (except #2) of these albums are at least on iTunes.  (Some of them are physically out of print.)  This post was inspired by a meme I saw on Tumblr, and since I don’t really have a new post this week, I decided to share the meme here rather than Tumblr.

Also: should’ve made this joke in this post, but I didn’t know at the time they were dating, so.

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No new post today–the Olympics, New York Fashion Week, getting ready to sell a few things to hopefully fund a trip to New York–but I just wanted to share a few things.  Consider this a sort of addendum to this post.

First off:

I saw this last week but I didn’t get a chance to comment on it.  Me, I think it’s coincidence, but maybe someone at the CW reads this blog.  Maybe. If they do, I hope they apologize to poor Edward.

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Posted by: heart nibbler | February 17, 2010

America’s Next Top Model…the iPhone video game

Did you know there’s another licensed product that you can’t buy in Wal-Mart or Target from the ANTM marketing monster?  And, of all things, it’s a video game.  Sadly, it’s not the ANTM game for the Nintendo DS, but an officially licensed iPhone game I wouldn’t have known about if I didn’t open my CWTV app.  (The app also advertises yet another one of those BlackBook app ripoffs and the 90210 soundtrack, so if you’re into Owl City and the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, be my guest.)

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